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Driving MORE Sales

by Patricia Watkins and Dan Doster

Targeted at first-time CEOs and non-sales executives in the tech industry, industry veterans Patricia Watkins and Dan Doster bring to life the art and science of sales through real-world examples and practical wisdom in this useful guide for transforming sales teams into winning organizations. Detailed and comprehensive, yet entertaining and easy-to-read, Watkins and Doster provide guidance of what you need to know to drive MORE sales.

“2015 Top Sales Priorities based on a survey of nearly 4,000 respondents – #1 Closing more deals, #2 Improving the efficiency of the Sales Funnel, #3 Reducing the length of the sales cycle”*

Driving M.O.R.E. Sales focuses on several areas including:

Know your


Build Solid

Optimized Processes


Resellers and Channel Partners
Rewards & Recognition
Retention & Referrals


Essential Sales Tools

“Sales force compensation represents the single largest marketing investment for most B2B companies.” **

Patricia has extensive experience as an SVP and VP of Sales, regionally, nationally and globally in both startups in Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 companies including HP, AT&T, Teradata, and NCR. She earned her BBA from The University of Texas at Austin and her MBA from Santa Clara University. Patricia has built sales organizations from $0 to $100M plus, multiple times, transformed several sales teams from worst to first, and led many successful teams to significantly improved results.
Dan is a consultant, entrepreneur, and author with extensive experience in pricing, marketing, sales, and corporate strategy. After completing degrees from Wabash College, Yale University, and University of Notre Dame, Dan served at McKinsey & Company, Inc. and later worked in executive roles such as Marketing SVP, COO, CFO, and CEO in a variety of industries and companies including GE Capital.
* Hubspot, State of Inbound 2015, ** Harvard Business Review